5 useful git commands you might not know

Five random git commands to increase your productivity

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Select particular files from git stash

git checkout <stash_id> -- <file_path>

git checkout stash@{1} -- main.rb

Selecting particular files from git stash is a very useful feature.

As mentioned in the above command, you have to checkout to a stash with particular file paths available in the stash.

How to create an empty commit

git commit --allow-empty -m <commit_msg>

git commit --allow-empty -m "Trigger notification"

The empty commit has no files to track.

You may wonder why to create an empty commit. Sometimes you may need to trigger some deployment or you need to test some integration. So pushing an empty commit can do the magic here.

List all branches ordered by most recent commits

git branch --sort=committerdate

The above command will list branches in order of the most recent commits. So you can see branches that you are using it most in recent times.

Very helpful command and it comes in handy when you are working with multiple branches.

Showing diff between branches

We have already seen this command in two of our previous issues.

git log master..develop

This command will help you show all the commits from develop but that are not present in the master branch. In this way, you can know that how many new commits are added to the develop branch that is not present in the master branch. And make sure you have the updated changes in the local before comparing.

How to mark a commit as a fix of previous commit

git commit --fixup <commit-hash>

git commit --fixup 30b6c97

Fixup option helps you to create a commit which will be considered as a fix of the previous commit.

In the above image you can see how the latest commit is created as fixup as the previous commit.

I know you can use rebase or amend to fix the previous commit. But there is a possibility that you have pushed the code and may not be in the position to force push it.

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