How to use emoji in your commit message ⚡ ⚡

Gitmoji is a standardized tool to use emojis in your commit

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In this edition let’s see how to use emoji in your commits messages.

Using emojis in your commit messages will be fun (😊) and cool (😎) in the first place.

And another use case I can think of is you can understand the purpose and intention of the commits very easily if you are following standardized rules for adding emoji.

Using Gitmoji in your commit

Gitmoji is one of the fine guides you can refer to add emoji in our commits.

You can see a list of emoji with their code. You can simply use this code in your code.

git commit -m ":bug: Fix Bug BD-1910"

You can see our bug emoji in Github.

Also, know that these Gitmoji won’t show up in the terminal without additional configuration.

Using gitmoji-cli

Another easy option is using gitmoji-cli

Gitmoji-cli gives an interactive option to add emoji in your commit. This is one of the easiest options to add emoji in your commit messages.

In the above image, you can see how the user is prompted to add respective emoji using auto-complete from the Gitmoji guide. Then an appropriate commit title and message.

Using gitmoji-vscode for VSCode users

gitmoji-vscode is a VSCode extension that helps you to add emoji right from your editor itself. This will come in handy if you are already a fan of the Git feature in VSCode.

You can also find gitmoji supported extension for your favorite editor too.

Apart from all the above-mentioned methods, You can also take a look at Emoji-log

This repo contains an experimental short standard for adding emoji in your commits. You can take inspiration from this repo and start using it in your repo with ease.

It also contains a few code snippets and aliases that you can start using right away.

And apart from these methods, you can just copy-paste emoji from the internet too 😂

That will work too but I know its a boring process and it may not support all systems.

Using a proper emoji standard can really help give your commits a real meaning. And of course, it will be fun and colorful to use too 😃 😈

That’s it for today :)

See you next week :) :)